The soft sounds of music from the radio fill Dom’s room as the sunshine and fresh breeze, flow through the open window.

His guitar sits proudly against the wall, waiting for Dom to pick it up and strum some tunes.

The sight of a large photo of Dom on a recent strawberry picking day hangs on the wall, as a reminder that now, Dom has his whole life ahead of him and a world of opportunity.

For a long time, Dom didn’t know what living on his own could be like. Health and mental illness meant that he was in hospital for over three years. He missed his freedoms and the chance to live life his way.

That all changed three weeks ago when he moved into Supported Accommodation run by Afford in the Victorian suburb of Pakenham.

Dom was instantly welcomed, with all his needs catered for in his new home. With housemates that he can call friends and staff to support him around the clock if he needs it, Dom can finally begin to live his life the way he chooses.

Since moving in, Afford staff have supported Dom to learn some life skills to help him move towards independent living. The extra support has helped Dom’s confidence grow..

Three weeks on and Dom is now doing his own laundry, preparing and making food for himself and cleaning his room. Dom says that his main goal is to reduce his reliance on staff and family, for things he can do himself.

To support Dom to achieve his goal, Afford arranges for an occupational therapist to visit him to help him with specific skills. Visual guidelines now help Dom complete tasks on his own and support him to progress his skills.

Following a five-step visual guide, Dom can now successfully make his own ham and cheese sandwich without assistance. His smile expresses all the joy and pride he feels in knowing that he is making progress.

So far, Dom has been out in the community to go to the beach and visit the stunning Dandenong Ranges. But this is just the start. There are plenty more adventures ahead!

Now that he is finding his groove as part of the household, Dom does what he loves best. Listening to music and playing his guitar are among his favourite hobbies.

Thanks to the Afford Lifestyle, Dom can have individualised support to suit his needs. Staff are there to help him achieve his goals and provide encouragement to get involved in the things he loves.

Find out more about Afford Supported Accommodation in Victoria and across Australia to live the life you want under the NDIS.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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