Our Mission

Afford is an innovative, passionate and genuine not-for-profit organisation whose primary focus is on supporting people with mild through to exceptional disability to lead fulfilling, joyful lives.

Our Vision

To provide innovative and flexible high-quality support to enhance lifestyle, learning and vocational opportunities for people with disability, their families and carers.

Our Values

Afford Values Integrity

Afford Values Cooperation

Afford Values Empathy

Afford Values Respect

Afford Values Excellence

What’s the latest at Afford?

Wesley Shows his Artistic Flair

March 31st 2020

Time at home can be fun, educational and rewarding. Wesley is a resident at Afford’s Empire group home in NSW, who adores his arts and crafts activiti...

Affordians Supporting Each Other

March 31st 2020

Afford services across Australia are implementing best practice hygiene strategies and education programs for clients to ensure the health and well-be...

Celebrating Work Success on World Autism Awareness Day

March 31st 2020

This Thursday, 2nd April, is World Autism Awareness Day. It is a time to cele...

What our clients say