Finding A Job

Looking for a job that will be right for you?
Finding A Job
With the support of our experienced team, you can find the job that’s right for you. You will gain new skills, feel valued, earn money and be in control of your life

Who do we support?

If you are aged 18 years or older, have a disability and want a job either in Afford’s Supported Employment Enterprises or would like to find a job in the open market through the support of our Employment Consultants, our experienced staff can guide you.

Find a job now – let’s go!

Employment Services

School Leavers Program (SLES)

Disability Employment Service (DES)

Supported Employment

Finding A Job

School Leavers Employment Service (SLES)

Have you recently finished school?

The transition from school to the workplace is an exciting change that can come with a mix of emotions. Afford is here to help you strengthen the skills you need for entering the workplace and discover the path that’s right for you.

Our SLES program will equip you with the skills, knowledge and real-world experience to enter work or further training with confidence. Whether you’re eager to join the workforce straight away, or are thinking of doing some further study or training.

We connect you to employers in different industries

Our Trainers will open you to a world of opportunities through work experience, internship opportunities and industry visits.

At each industry visit you can meet employers, see what a day in their life looks like and get some hands-on training, whether its retail, farming, customer service, hospitality or entertainment, we will give you a taste of different industries so you can decide what career path is right for you.

Finding A Job

We help you get ready for the world of work

We help you get ready for the world of workOur team listen to your goals and together we develop a personalised plan which we regularly review with you and your circle of support which includes;

Creating a resume and cover letter
Interview skills
Job application and job seeking skills
Communicating to an employer
Developing work ready skills e.g. money handling, barista training
Developing customer service experience
Case Studies
Supported Employment

For people with a disability who need a little bit of extra support on the job, we have many Australian Disability Enterprises throughout Sydney including Minchinbury, Ingleburn, Marrickville, Minto and Prestons. In our ADEs, you can find a job to suit your skills in a variety of areas such as packaging, labelling, shrink wrapping, mailing, bundling and so much more.

Our Supported Employment offers you so much more than just a job – you will learn new skills, make friends, belong to a community and have fun! Our ADEs employ over 483 supported staff across our 5 sites. Afford’s ADE employees gain a sense of purpose, fulfilment and independence through their job. Our supervisors at the workplaces are trained in working with staff who have varying levels of skill and abilities.

Finding A Job
Finding A Job

Need training to get started?

Whether you need a forklift license, first aid training or a white card, our trainers and supervisors will provide you with support every step of the way.

Who can find a Supported Employment Role at Afford?

Anyone with a Disability Support Pension (DSP) and an NDIS plan can apply for a Supported Employment Role. This funding will cover all support you will receive in the workplace throughout your employment with an Australian Disability Enterprise.

3D Tours

Minchinbury 3D walk through video

Prestons 3D walk through video

Ingleburn 3D walk through video

What do our supported employees say about working at Afford?
“I’ve been working at Afford for seven years. I work really hard and I get paid. My parents are proud for me working here. They said, “You did really well”. I can do it”
– Chris Terry, Afford Australian Disability Enterprise Employee
DES – Disability Employment Service

We’ll support you to find a job you will love

Afford’s Disability Employment Services (DES) will assist you to find and keep a job in the workforce.Afford’s Disability Employment Services (DES) will assist you to find and keep a job in the workforce.If you are looking for work, our Employment Consultants can assist you to put together an employment pathway plan that will help you find work and support you to achieve your employment goals.

We will assist you by:

Building work ready skills e.g. money handling, barista training
Resume writing
Travel training e.g. getting to and from work
Internship opportunities
Interview Training
Connecting you to our employers
Finding A Job
What do our DES employees say about working at Afford?
“I love my job. It’s really empowering to do something I enjoy, to build on my skills and qualifications and it’s really boosted my self-confidence. Afford DES Liverpool are very persistent and helpful”
– Paul, Afford DES Employee
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