At Afford, we love the holiday season and enjoy celebrating with our clients. Each year we host Christmas parties in each state, where Santa always makes a special appearance. The festivities kicked off last week in Victoria and Queensland, where clients and staff got up close and personal with some furry friends. Read more about their festive fun and animal encounters.

Our supports and services encourage clients and residents to celebrate meaningful traditions and enjoy unique experiences.

On December 6th Melbourne Zoo was roaring with laughter and joy from our clients and residents across the state. Everyone was excited to visit the home of over 300 animal species’ and see the famous ‘trail of the elephants.’

The infamous Asian elephant herd includes seven elephants, three of which are currently pregnant. Our clients loved seeing these gentle giants alongside the giraffes, lions and reptiles.

In sunny Queensland, December 8th was a day of Christmas cheer, with the north district heading to Sea World Marine Park and the south district visiting Australia Zoo.

The day at Sea World was filled with fun, fins and flippers. Clients enjoyed the famous dolphin show and saw the polar bears and penguins chill out for Christmas.

In the South, the Christmas festivities were celebrated at the home of the late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. Not even the snapping teeth of the crocodiles or the slippery slithers of the snakes could scare our clients, who had an absolute ball at the zoo.

All three events were a great opportunity to show clients and staff the magic of Christmas and thank them for their support throughout this past year.

When you join a community centre or supported accommodation home, you are welcomed into the Afford family, where we celebrate holidays and achievements.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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