Richard and Prince from our Southport Community Centre have made their football debut by playing the opening curtain raiser games for the Gold Coast Titans. The friends are long term supporters of the Titans, so to have this chance to train and play alongside their heroes is a dream come true.

This fantastic opportunity with the NRL’s All Abilities initiative arose when the footy fans found out that their Lifestyle Assistant, Steven Conroy, was the Titan’s Physical Disability Rugby League Team coach.

“I mentioned the team to the guys as we had bonded over a shared love for footy. They were a little hesitant at first but, now they absolutely love it. They look forward to the training and games every week,” said Steven.

Training takes place every Wednesday, where they are always joined by 2-3 special guests from the NRL industry. The team then show off their skills by playing the curtain-raiser game at as many home games as possible.

“The benefits of this program for the clients are endless. From mate-ship, improving their self-worth, practising teamwork, and doing what they are passionate about, it’s a great program. There is also a real focus on inclusivity in the team,” continued Steven.

It is also an excellent chance for them to get to know their footy heroes. The Gold Coast Titans are always cheering on the team and taking photos with the guys. They also share the same locker room, which has been great for building team morale.

After their game, Richard and Prince relax and enjoy watching the Gold Coast Titans play the main game.

“Our team’s motto is ‘there is no such thing as we can’t,’ and Richard and Prince bring that attitude every day,” said Steven.

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