Brenda loves cherries and just before the picking season ended, Afford Lifestyle Assistant, Olive, supported Brenda to realise her wish of picking delicious, ripe, red cherries straight off the tree.

The cherry-picking adventure was part of Afford Getaways. Holidays organised through Afford Getaways give individuals of all abilities the chance to realise their travel dreams, with support and encouragement from Afford staff when they need it.

For Brenda, the trip to Young in NSW was a dream come. Young is considered the cherry capital of Australia and is home to the National Cherry Festival.

Just like Coffs Harbour has the Big Banana, Young has the big cherries! A large cherry bunch welcomes you as you enter the town, which excited Brenda about the adventures ahead.

When Brenda and Olive arrived at the farm, it was a joy to see the tree lined orchard. Although it was towards the end of the picking season, Brenda still had fun playing hide-and-seek with the cherries as she searched on all the branches for the best fruit to pick.

A visit to the farm also delivered a second fruity surprise with loads of apricots still in season and ready for Brenda to pick.

During their time in Young, Brenda and Olive meandered through the street of the local town. The village shops and beautiful streets lined with trees and flowers provided a lovely setting for a great getaway.

Afford Getaways give travellers the chance to see and experience more places and destinations around Australia. It’s a chance to make new friends and interact with others in the community.

Learn more about upcoming Afford Getaways and how you can travel to new destinations with support.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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