How do you get involved in your community? It looks different for everyone. Nas goes to the gym and enjoys having the freedom and flexibility to choose what she might like to do during the rest of the week. There’s no right or wrong way to connect with community. It’s all about making sure your activities achieve your goals and make you happy. 


#1 It’s your choice  

You choose how you want to spend your time – we’re just here to help where we can. For Nas, she knew she wanted to go to the gym, but it was also important for her to have choice. “On Mondays, I access the gym. On Thursdays, I get to do whatever I decide to do, like swimming or I get my nails done. It’s up to me,” she said.  

#2 Getting involved in the community can help you make friends   

Nas will tell you how much she “likes meeting new people” and our Community Services have helped her with this. She is supported to access one-and-one and group sessions at the gym where she is starting to make new friends.  

#3 You can explore hobbies and go to the big events 

How you access the community is up to you! You can use our services to help you with your hobbies – for Nas, this is going to swimming in the warmer weather. But she also uses Afford to go to the events she likes too, like recently, she was able to go to see Ed Sheeran in concert with her friends. 

#4 You choose who supports you   

When we are with people who we feel safe with and connected to, we are more relaxed and can have more fun. That’s why choosing the staff members who support you is so important. Nas has developed strong bonds with the Lifestyle Assistants who work with her, that’s why she continues to request their support – and you can do the same. “I’ve been a client for four years and I’ve been blessed with Tiff and Eve, they’re really beautiful, genuine people,” she said.  

#5 You have the right to be you 

Community Services is about helping you to be seen, understood and valued. That is at the heart of all that Afford does, ensuring the voices and choices of clients are at the centre of all that we do. Nas has experienced this, as she explains: “They treat me with a lot of respect and understand my needs.” 


This story is from the April edition of Afford News. Click here to read more. 

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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