Afford is a registered provider of Home and Living Supports. There are lots of different Home and Living Supports the NDIS might fund for NDIS participants, so here are five useful things to know.

#1 The NDIS can assist participants to live independently

NDIS participants and their families can discuss their home and living goals as part of their planning conversation. A plan will include any supports the NDIS will fund. There are different types of home and living supports that the NDIS can fund. Which one is right for you will depend on your individual needs and goals.

#2 Afford provides Home and Living Supports

When you engage our Home and Living Supports services, we work closely with you to understand your needs and assisted living goals. Our aim is to support you to live as independently as possible. We have Afford cars and vans so we can drive you to appointments, the shops, community activities, and social events. We use CareApp to stay connected with the people you choose. The app makes it easy for us to share updates about you and Afford news with family members and carers.

#3 SIL stands for Supported Independent Living

We offer SIL in all Australian states we work in, namely: New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria. We have modern and comfortable SIL homes and will take care to find the right SIL home for you. That includes matching you with housemates who have similar hobbies and interests! Our teams can provide you with a support person day and night, seven days a week if you need it. We also have access to health professionals to support you in your home if you need it.

#4 SDA stands for Specialist Disability Accommodation

To ensure they will meet your needs, the NDIS has set the NDIS SDA Design Standard. It says what SDA buildings in Australia must be like. Our highly accessible and modern homes meet the required standards and support your independence. We currently have SDA homes in New South Wales and Queensland. When we support you to find the right SDA home, we take care to ensure the house has just what you need to live as independently as possible. This might include assistive technology, wet rooms, in-built hoists, or modified kitchens and bathrooms.

#5 ADL stands for Assistance with Daily Life

ADL is for your personal care, housework, and social and community activities. When you engage our ADL services, our experienced disability support workers provide one-on-one ADL supports in the way that suits you best. This support can be provided in your own home, in the community, or in a SIL home. We will listen and support you in the way you want and need so you can live more independently. It’s all about you!

Explore Home and Living Supports at Afford

Afford will support you to live as independently as possible and achieve your goals. We provide Supported Independent Living (SIL), Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), and Assistance with Daily Life (ADL).

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