Paul from Albion Park Community Centre had a great time meeting some new furry friends at Bargo Dingo Sanctuary. He was prepared for a full day of excitement and started his day with an iced coffee in hand and an appetite for adventure.

When you attend Afford Community Centres, you will have unique opportunities to explore the world and develop your life skills.

“Paul was so excited when he got to pat and talk to the dingo. He was laughing and happy throughout the encounter. He has four dogs at home so he loves animals and enjoyed meeting the dingos,” said Jade Charlesworth

With Jade and his other Lifestyle Assistant, Cheryl McKinnon, by his side, Paul explored the sanctuary. The trio saw over 16 dingos and the day trip was a great testament to Paul’s achievements since joining Afford. Even as the hot summer sun shined down, he demonstrated patience, strength and a positive attitude.

“It took me three years of working with Paul to get him out into the community. We started by visiting the supermarket which was a challenge initially. Now seeing him being able to have these awesome full-day experiences is just amazing,” continued Jade.

Jade began working with Paul seven years ago and they transitioned to Afford in October 2019. Since then, he has shown leaps and bounds towards achieving his goals making his caregiver, Aunty Dot, incredibly proud.

“Aunty Dot has always wanted him to have these everyday experiences and we’ve finally achieved it. We even went to the Easter Show which was a massive achievement. Afford has given us so many great opportunities,” said Jade.

When Paul is not out adventuring, he loves his Albion Park Community Centre routine. Paul enjoys a delicious morning tea, then settles in to watch his favourite movie, Jurassic World.

His next big adventure will be taking on the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk, where he can explore the magic of nature.

Learn more about Afford Community Centres and how you can start exploring your community and achieving your goals.

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