Our customers at Chipping Norton Lifestyle Centre have enjoyed new sensory equipment and spending quality time regulating emotions and behaviours. With more customers returning to the site, staff have been getting the sensory room updated by exploring new relaxation options.

Our Lifestyle Centres are safe and supportive environments where customers can express themselves, learn new skills and achieve their dreams.

“With more customers recently returning to the lifestyle centre, our Lifestyle Assistant, Fatmah Arja knew that they would benefit from some new sensory equipment. So she brought in a new galaxy light and it has been creating a calm and relaxing environment for all the customers,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Elyza El Samman.

Chipping Norton Lifestyle Centre has a sensory room complete with a sensory iWall, bubble machine, massage chair and fairy lights. It is a great place for customers to relax or de-escalate if they are feeling overwhelmed.

“The galaxy light was a great idea because it is portable. We have set it up in the common area and the customers have been enjoying it. One of our customers who was feeling anxious settled right away once he turned it on,” continued Elyza.

For lifestyle centre customer Sarah, who visits the centre four days a week, she has been making the most of the quiet time during the NSW lockdown.

“Particularly with restrictions and lockdown, the sensory equipment has been a great distraction for customers like Sarah, who normally enjoys going out to places in the community,” said Elyza.

One of her favourite regular community access activities is to visit the local airport and watch the planes land. She is excited to visit once again when the lockdown ends.

Chipping Norton has also been practising their dance skills for Affords Got Talent and redecorating their centre to stay positive during these challenging times.

If you are ready to develop your life skills and reach new goals, learn more about Afford Lifestyle Centre.

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