While many of us are just beginning to return to work, school or activities, our community centre staff at Kings Park and Green Valley haven’t stopped.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, Candace, Andrea, Chris, Demsin, and Kevork haven’t missed a beat in their usual supports and have been enjoying a variety of activities and outings.

Andrea and Candace chose the activities they wanted to do and Afford made it happen.

“Our staff supported Andrea to do some of her favourite things, like shopping and going out to the park. Andrea is such a friendly and outgoing personality and having the individualised support helped her get the most out of every activity,” said Gifty, Team Leader at Kings Park Community Centre.

“We worked closely with Candace’s family to organise activities that she loves and that make her happy. Our staff supported Candace to do many activities on-site with support that caters to her unique needs.”

At Green Valley Community Centre, staff and clients made the most of the good weather and enjoyed many outdoor activities.

“We went out for picnics and clients were able to get their feet wet by the water’s edge. We organised many relaxing experiences that suited the interests of our clients,” said Peita, Team Leader at Green Valley Community Centre.

The events of last year were challenging for many Australians. By providing extra support services over the Christmas and New Year period, Afford families and carers could have the peace of mind that their loved ones were being cared for and they could take some time out to recharge for wellbeing.

Afford goes above and beyond to provide supports and services that extend outside traditional service hours.

Find out more about Afford services to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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