Across Afford Community Centres and supported accommodation sites, witches, pirates and ghosts came out to play on Halloween. Many sites began their spooky festivities at the beginning of the week by crafting decorations, experimenting over the cauldron and transforming their sites into haunted houses.

Afford goes above and beyond to celebrate events throughout the year and create unforgettable memories for our clients.

“Here at Bonnyrigg Community Centre, our clients prepared for this fun yet scary time of year, all week. Our clients enjoyed pumpkin crafts, creating Halloween treats and putting up decorations around the site,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Maika Dauniika.

The week-long preparations continued in Melbourne with Pakenham Supported Accommodation using their resourcefulness to create a paper-mâché floating ghost and carving pumpkins and watermelons. On Thursday, they traded their carving knives for microphones while they enjoyed watching the premiere of Afford’s Virtually Got Talent.

Jamisontown Community Centre also took this opportunity to combine their annual Halloween party with the Afford’s Virtually Got Talent viewing.

“We started preparing for Halloween as soon as our community centre returned to group services. It was great to see lots of clients having dressed up from home and we had a box of accessories on-site as well. They all lined up for a spooky photoshoot then settled in with Afford’s Got Talent,” shared Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Lisa Chantler.

Sunday afternoon at Bluebird Supported Accommodation was all treats and no tricks. The ladies came together in their witch’s hats and capes to enjoy the afternoon and admire their decorations.

“Angela, Julie, Sandra, Lisa and Christina helped decorate the house and prepare snacks. Then we ate while talking about Halloween and why it’s celebrated. They enjoyed the quality time together,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Christina Martinez.

In Queensland, the Miami Community Centre hosted a Halloween party for South Queensland where everyone came together to do the monster mash and their best thriller under the disco lights.

When you join Afford’s supports and services, you will be given every opportunity to shine while your abilities soar.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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