Snuggling up indoors on a cold winter’s day is always a good idea, but when it also falls on Tuesday’s arts and crafts program, it’s even better. The Wellington Point Community Centre clients have channelled their inner artists and created some fantastic art pieces over the last few weeks.

All of our Community Centre’s utilise the sensory benefits of arts and crafts so clients can express their emotions, feel a sense of achievement and have fun with their friends.

“I love to change up our routine and find unique ideas to recreate. I love using Pinterest for modern ideas so that everything we do is unique,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Debra Pratt.

The team love to use a range of different art mediums to create unique pieces. They have used tie-dye, clay, chalk and paint to create art they are proud of and love.

The most popular task has been the baby bird canvas picture. The clients went on a treasure hunt to locate natural materials such as leaves and sticks to glue onto their canvas as a nest for their feather and felt birds. Adding two holes at the top with some thread meant that it was ready to hang up around their homes.

“They enjoyed this one as it was very tactile. The most rewarding part is seeing their faces while they are crafting and hearing their excitement. Carly always says, ‘my mum is going to love it’ and honestly, the parents always do look forward to seeing what they have created,” continued Debra.

On some weeks, the team even combine their arts and crafts program with unique visits to museums and exhibitions, which is always a hit.

“I organise the activity, but we work as a team to  give our clients a fantastic day. In between paint drying, we will get up and have dance parties and we give it our all every week,”  Debra said.

Learn more about the great activities on offer at our Afford Community Centres and how you can start achieving your goals while making the most of every day.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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