With joyful smiles and gentle hands, Beenleigh Community Centre came alive with the sights and sounds of happiness during a recent Woodworks session. Colin, Joseph, Mitchell and Nathan enjoy bringing new creations to life while nurturing a range of skills and having fun.

Afford Community Centres are safe and supportive environments where you will be encouraged to discover your passions and make special memories along the way.

“When the clients chose Woodworks from their activity menu, we headed to Bunnings to gather different materials,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Sage Hill-Pearse.

Accessing the community is another goal that our Beenleigh clients share. They enjoy seeing what’s new at their local store and of course, no one can pass up the opportunity to seek out that familiar smell of a sausage sizzle. The men were encouraged to look at all the available kits and choose one they liked. No project was going to be ‘too hard’ with the right help.

“Each client picked a different project based on their interests. Dog bowls, hanging planters and pot plant stands were amongst the choices on the day,” continued Sage.

Once they returned to the centre, they were excited to jump into the activities and challenge their creativity.

“Everyone completed their projects by following the instructions, utilising their skills and working alongside staff. It was great to see their looks of happiness and achievement when they finished. We look forward to creating more masterpieces,” said Sage.

By crafting their projects with care, respect and intention, this activity was not only a lesson in physical skill, but a learning opportunity where clients gained a sense of accomplishment and pride.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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