Before there was the internet, air conditioning and cars, there were milkmen, blacksmiths and horse-drawn carts. Our clients from Caboolture Community Centre stepped back in time to 19th century Australia on their visit to Caboolture Historical Village. Everyone enjoyed exploring the living museum and discovering the ways of yesteryear.

Afford Community Centres provide unique opportunities to explore the community and make special memories.

“Richard wanted to visit the village as he had not been before. So, of course, I made it happen and we got a group together. Everyone was very excited about it,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Bronwyn Jeucken.

The village is set on 12 acres and has over 70 settler style buildings and approximately 110,000 artefacts. It’s incredible that in just a 10-minute drive from the hub, you arrive at this perfectly curated time capsule.

“The highlight of the day was when the volunteers gave us two free train ride tours. The clients also enjoyed hearing the volunteers share information about the times,” continued Bronwyn.

The group carried on embracing their curiosity and investigated the many different buildings. They eventually decided to escape the hot sun by wandering into the café, where they were pleasantly surprised to see their friend Steph baking cupcakes. Steph also attends Caboolture Community Centre and has volunteered at the village café for close to two years.

“Days like this are great for our clients to access the community and discover more about the world. We are always keeping it interesting at Caboolture Community Centre,” said Bronwyn.

After cooling off and having a delicious lunch, the team headed back to the hub. We’re sure the Caboolture Community Centre clients will be visiting again soon.

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