The journey of caring should not be a solitary one. We would like to play a part in making that journey a little smoother for caregivers, by developing a carer network here at Afford.

Understanding needs

This is a new initiative for us, and we have a lot of ideas about what it could look like! But the most important first step is to find out what carers want and need. If you provide unpaid care or support to a relative or friend, we want to hear from you.

Share feedback

Tap this link to provide to provide feedback about what would make your carer experience better:

The benefits

#1 A carer network can serve as a valuable source of information and referrals to relevant services.

#2 Carer networks can foster lasting friendships and social connections, which can improve your overall well-being.

#3 Caregivers can learn from one another by sharing coping strategies and techniques for dealing with complex issues.

#4 A supportive network can facilitate respite care arrangements, allowing you to take a break while your loved one is in capable hands.

#5 Collectively, carers can advocate for better support, services, and policies for caregivers and care recipients.

#6 A carer network can help prevent burnout by providing a safety net of support.

#7 Carer networks can offer educational opportunities and training to help caregivers improve skills and knowledge.

#8 When you have access to a broader range of expertise, it has the potential to lead to improved outcomes for the person you support.

About Afford

Afford is one of Australia’s largest and most established disability service providers. We have more than 70 years of experience working with clients, their families, and carers to achieve their goals and dreams in life and work. Find out more about our services at

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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