Carl Nilsson, a dedicated Afford employee at an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) in New South Wales, recently marked an impressive 50-year service milestone.

50 years strong

After beginning his journey with Afford in 1973, Carl’s work ethic is still going strong!

“I started at Afford back in 1973, working at various sites and factories. I have been here at this factory since 2002. I only work part time now, sometimes packing WD40 and Nivea. A few other odd jobs too,” Carl said. “I like it. I have friends here at work. Some I knew retired, some moved on. But I like to keep working.”

Celebrating service

To honour Carl’s half-century of commitment, his workmates threw a lively BBQ party at his factory. At the party, he received a certificate and service reward, presented by Katelyn Barakat, Afford’s Executive Director of People and Organisational Development. Carl’s family member, Mouna, was also invited to the party, and she proudly posed with Carl at the presentation.

Adding to the celebrations, Carl was a special guest at the Afford Employee Awards dinner at Doltone House in Sydney. Looking stylish for the occasion, he took the stage to share his reflections on 50 years with Afford.

Positive influence

Susan Guest, Area Manager, Employment and Commercial Services, expressed admiration for Carl’s strong work ethic and positive influence on younger employees. She said, “Carl always voices a positive opinion of attending work at Afford and supported employment in general. He often says he doesn’t want to do anything else! I’m in awe of Carl and his years of service. It’s been rewarding to work with him, and I’m proud to be involved with the recognition around his remarkable service anniversary.”

Valuable advice

As the interview concluded, Carl shared a final piece of wisdom for a long career: “Try not to be annoying!”

Afford ADE

We provide a range of business solutions for companies and employment opportunities for supported employees through our Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE). Tap to find out more about ADE at Afford here.


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