Afford resident, Jodie, from Pakenham Supported Accommodation, never lets anything stop her from achieving her dreams. She recently ticked off one of her bucket list goals, which was seeing a waterfall up close on a trip to Steavenson’s Falls.

Our lifestyle assistants love to help residents create strategies that encourage them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Jodie was thrilled about the idea of finally seeing a waterfall! It was not just any waterfall, but Steavenson’s Falls, one of Victoria’s highest waterfalls,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Feruth Beletse.

Feruth has been assisting Jodie for the past eight months and has seen her thrive since first meeting her.

Jodie is a beginner to walking tracks, so Feruth and the team had been on the hunt to find a waterfall with clear and safe access. They then discovered Steavenson’s Falls, which has a 700m walk that takes you right to the upper view of the spectacular site.

“I was so proud of Jodie for being determined to finish the walk regardless of how challenging it was. It was great to see her enjoy the view and she even asked staff to take photos of her to send to her sisters,” continued Feruth.

This experience has encouraged Jodie to start planning how she can achieve her other bucket list goals, including seeing more beaches, watching a live NRL Storms’ match, going to the movies and using public transport to explore the city.

Her next achievement is going to be visiting William Ricketts Sanctuary, a unique outdoor art experience.

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