What better way to spend a Wednesday than by becoming a wildlife warrior? Korban from Caboolture SLES attended an industry visit at Australia Zoo, where he got to walk in the footsteps of Australian icon Steve Irwin.

Afford’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) offer industry visits for trainees to gain real-life insight into potential careers that suit their aspirations.

“When Korban first joined SLES, he mentioned that one of his dreams was to work at Australia Zoo, so we organised this industry visit. Korban’s favourite part of the day was learning about the zoo’s history, feeding the kangaroos and patting the koala,” said SLES trainer, Taniel Eising.

Korban was treated to a zoo tour, learnt about the conservation project and enjoyed the crocodile feeding show.

Finding out which career we are suited to also involves discovering which ones we would not enjoy. During the industry visit, Korban realised how much physical endurance is needed and heard from the zookeepers how much studying is involved. Even though Korban enjoyed getting up close to the animals, the trip solidified that being a zookeeper is not the career for him.

“It gave Korban an insight into the zoo life and he had the opportunity to ask questions about the various roles and requirements of working at the zoo. As the day ended, Korban said he would leave it to the professionals and is ready to explore different types of career opportunities,” continued Taniel.

Whilst some may think this was a setback, it was actually a step in the right direction. Korban can now investigate what careers are hidden behind other doors and start unlocking new opportunities.

Finding your dream job is never a straight path and our SLES trainers are here to help you navigate the ups and downs.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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