For coffee enthusiast Lisa from Ipswich Community Centre, it has been her long-time dream to become a qualified barista. Over the years, this dream has been just out of reach however, with the help of her trusted lifestyle assistant, Lisa finally enrolled. She loved the experience and has become the coffee queen of her site.

When you join an Afford Community Centre, you give yourself every opportunity to grow and achieve your dreams.

“I have been working with Lisa since she joined Afford in February. She always mentioned her love and passion for coffee, so when she expressed that she felt ready to enrol in a barista course, I immediately helped her book it in,” said Lifestyle Assistant Ruby Briceno

Lisa was very excited. Upon registering, she was sent readings to complete along with a questionnaire that was 86 questions long.

“At first, Lisa was a bit overwhelmed, but with some encouragement and support, she completed her theory test and booked in for the training at a local Barista Basics Coffee Academy,” continued Ruby.

Due to an unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown, the training site had to reschedule her appointment. Lisa initially saw this as another setback and questioned whether she should give up. But, yet again, Ruby was there to remind Lisa of her passion and with some encouragement, she began looking forward to the new date.

“On the day the instructor told Lisa that mastering a coffee requires patience and love, both are qualities she has in spades. Throughout the day, her confidence increased and she completed the training. Lisa felt pleased with herself and even now, she cannot believe she finally did it,” shared Ruby.

Lisa would like to work as a barista once COVID-19 restrictions lift for good and it is safe to do so.

Afford Community Centres will always encourage you to follow your dreams and live your best life.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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