This year, Cherrywood Community Centre revamped their fitness program and welcomed onboard personal trainer, Paul. With the easing of restrictions, Paul has finally returned to Cherrywood to continue leading our clients to a healthy success.

At Afford Community Centres, we help you spread your wings and fly out of your comfort zone.

“The sessions are just so much fun for the clients. I love seeing them work towards their goals and the camaraderie between them is great,” said Team Leader, Daniel Betts.

Many of the Cherrywood clients expressed goals around losing weight, increasing their fitness and being more social. The perfect way to reach these targets was with the help of mobile Personal Trainer, Paul. He supplies equipment and runs a modified version of CrossFit at Cherrywood.

“Some of the activities that Paul runs are boxing, running sprints, light weights and ropes. The staff all love getting involved too and it’s a great atmosphere,” continued Daniel.

The sessions have had a profound effect on our clients. Drew joined the sessions intending to lose weight. He successfully lost 3kgs before the COVID-19 lockdown and then applied the skills he had learnt with Paul to his home routine and went on to lose a total of 10kg. His weight loss has given him a significant confidence boost and has inspired him to keep up his new lifestyle.

Other clients have also experienced improvements in their wellbeing. Zac uses a wheelchair and can sometimes feel insecure or shy during group activities. Thanks to Paul’s inclusive program, Zac has been boxing with the team and making great memories with his friends.

“Zac’s journey has been surprising. He loves it. His mum was so proud to see the photos of him holding up the boxing pads and with a big smile on his face,” said Daniel.

Thursday is now known as fitness day and the clients look forward to their weekly session with Paul.

Find out more about how Afford Community Centres can help you achieve your goals while living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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