Sounds of laughter and pure joy echoed through the Michael Clark Recreation Centre as our clients finally returned to their weekly sports sessions hosted by Heroes with Ability (HWA). These sessions mean so much to our clients because they are opportunities to be social, move their bodies and have fun while in a safe and supportive space.

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Windsor Community Centre was one of the many NSW sites that returned to HWA on the 12th of November, almost five months after their last session.

“The only way to describe it was that the clients were amped. They were going at 100 miles per hour. The whole week leading up to returning to Heroes with Ability, the clients were counting down,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Courtney Hunt.

Whilst Greater Sydney was experiencing the COVID-19 lockdown, HWA organised innovative Zoom sessions for our clients that motivated them, provided social interaction and kept them excited for the return of the face-to-face sessions.

“We are very blessed to have HWA. The Zoom sessions were great. If we didn’t have those, then it would have been tough to get the clients back into their routines,” continued Courtney.

She added, “It also would not have been possible without the Windsor team, Samuel, Bruce, Cathy and Keith. They take the clients to HWA every Friday and they put in 110% every single time!”

The first day back focused on footy drills which promote hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. There was also a lot of catching up to do and the excitement of seeing everyone again was extraordinary.

“Windsor were so excited to be back. They came running into the centre! It was such a joy to see the happiness shining in their eyes,” said Heroes with Ability Director and Co-Founder, Marco Quintao.

“We built a lot of momentum through the Zoom sessions but it was rewarding to see everyone back at the centre. The clients were even more focused than before the lockdown and they loved the addition of music to the sessions,” continued Marco.

Don’t forget HWA’s Hero Day is coming up on the 4th of December to celebrate International Day of People with Disability.

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