There is nothing better than getting out amongst nature, enjoying the sunshine and flying your kite to its highest heights. Gemma from Blacktown Community Centre has been doing precisely that to stay positive and take advantage of the stunning locations in her local area.

Even during challenging times, Afford Community Centres will be there to ensure our clients make the most of every day and foster their wellbeing.

“The kite was in the garage at home and hadn’t been used so I suggested to Gemma that she put the kite together herself. She loved trying to make it fly and got so excited when she did get some airtime,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Dorine Fryer.

They took the kite to Nurragingy Reserve and Bungarribee Park, two stunning and local landscapes that Dorine and Gemma have enjoyed visiting.

The pair have also been getting involved in the ‘NSW Rocks’ community initiative on their trips. Gemma has not only found a handful of rocks left by other members of the community, but she has also painted and hidden her own for others to find.

“The NSW rocks initiative is a great way to spend time outside and feel connected to the community,” shared Dorine.

Gemma is a very social member of the Blacktown Community Centre community and even though she is missing her friends she has been enjoying getting to see them over Zoom video calls.

“Dorine is really creative and she is always suggesting fun ideas for our clients. We have also been doing Zoom video calls with the clients who are not attending community centre and everyone has really enjoyed that,” shared Team Leader, Karolina Zdrojkowska.

Blacktown Community Centre are keeping a positive attitude at the front of everything they do and encourage all other sites to do the same.

“We have been trying to keep community centre as normal as possible by adapting our activities to be COVID-19 safe. For example, beauty program has always been really popular at our site, so now we do it as a 1:1 activity rather than a group activity,” said Karolina.

It is great to see our sites making the most of these challenging times and our clients continuing to have fun.

Afford Community Centres will help you achieve new goals, make friends and reach your full potential in a safe and supportive environment.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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