Scott, Kyle and Chris from Wellington Lifestyle Centre have discovered a new hobby that is fun and rewarding and very unique… furniture restoration!

Staff at Afford’s Lifestyle Centres are always encouraging customers to get excited about following their dreams and are close by to offer support when needed.

“The boys have some big aspirations, which is great! It’s coming up to the third week of the program, and they are already so keen to move on to bigger and better tasks,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Leica Rainbird.

The customers received their first restoration project, a wooden coffee table, from Kyle’s mum Sonia. They plan to restore the piece to its former glory, then utilize Facebook Marketplace to sell it and reinvest the earnings into their Lifestyle Centre.

Once they have completed the coffee table, they plan to repeat the process for other furniture that can also be sourced second-hand.

“We are hopeful that this program will gain momentum and more interest, as it’s so much fun,” continued Leica.

The group initially brainstormed the idea with their lifestyle assistants, who helped them think through the practicalities such as equipment they would need and safety concerns. They ended the session with a trip to Bunnings to invest in a sander that can be used for multiple projects.

Afford staff are the best in the sector and will always go above and beyond to give their residents every chance to do what matters most to them.

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