Camperdown Lifestyle Centre are excited to launch their new game nights! Thanks to generous bequest funding, they purchased a brand-new race car simulator which the customers are excited to share with their neighbouring sites. These game nights will promote friendship, teamwork and inclusion for all.

Afford’s Lifestyle Centres are safe and inclusive hubs where all passions and interests are fostered.

“Most of our Camperdown customers are very active young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who love to have fun. They often sing when they enter our site as well as dance and play games,” said Team Leader, Brian Paule.

Lifestyle Assistant, Grant Zandstra suggested creating game nights for customers who want to meet more people and have new experiences. The team planned to invite Ashfield and Auburn Lifestyle Centre to share in the fun but there was one problem – they needed gaming equipment first.

“We were lucky that Grants and Fundraising Coordinator, Toni Preston, was able to allocate bequest funding to Camperdown for the purchase of gaming equipment. We purchased a Pagnian racing simulator which promotes cooperation, teamwork and communication,” continued Brian.

When the simulator arrived, everyone was excited to set it up right away and get behind the wheel.

“I’d like to give a special mention to our customer Ashley who brought in his power tools, battery-powered drill and adjustable wrenches to help us set up the racing simulator,” said Brian.

With COVID-19 delays and restrictions, it has been a long journey getting the game nights up and running but from the smiles it has created for our customers, it was all worth it. This equipment and the game nights provide enticing centre-based activities for customers and support their personal goals.

We are so thankful to the thoughtful members of our community who leave bequests to Afford. Your generosity allows us to continue supporting our customers to make meaningful memories and have fun every day.

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