At Afford’s Morphett Vale Community Centre Gino has blossomed into a confident and vibrant member of the hub. He loves to sing, dance and has been exploring his athletic side with basketball training. Gino’s bubbly personality inspires those around him and he has built many special friendships with his lifestyle assistants and peers. 

Afford Community Centres provide the supports and services you need to participate in new life experiences, develop independent living skills and engage in social connections. 

“I have a lot of great memories with Gino. When I worked with him at Morphett Vale, we exercised together, which was good for both of us. We encouraged each other, which was special,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Tobi Taiwo.  

Gino set himself a challenge to keep fit and asked Tobi to teach him some basketball skills. The pair spent many afternoons practising their slam dunks and dribbling while sharing many laughs on and off the court. Another bonding experience for the pair was music. 

“Gino loves to sing! He also likes to listen to old songs so the two of us would sing, dance and relax to music. It was great that we liked the same kind of music,” continued Tobi. 

Our clients are always encouraged to express themselves and their emotions through healthy outlets such as music, exercise and art. Gino also enjoys visiting the Holden Hill Community Centre to practice his snooker skills and see his other friends.

“I would drive him to Holden Hill where he would play snooker, use the hockey table and enjoy arts and crafts with his friends. Gino had retired from his workplace so he enjoyed staying social and busy by coming to Afford Community Centres,” said Tobi. 

Tobi has recently transferred to the Holden Hill site so although he does not see Gino as often, he will always cherish their memories. He looks forward to seeing Gino when he visits Holden Hill for snooker practice. 

Our lifestyle assistants are there to support you and your goals while helping you develop your life skills. Find out more about Afford Community Centres across Australia.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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