Our Green Valley Community Centre has recently relocated to Bonnyrigg and it has been an exciting and emotional journey for our clients. The modern site will bring new memories and experiences whilst still having the home-away-from-home ambience that Green Valley does best.

“The most important part of the transition was making sure that the clients were comfortable with the new site and that it felt like home. There are lots of precious memories at Green Valley and for our long-term clients, the move has been an emotional but smooth process,” said Team Leader, Peita Cunningham.

To get the clients excited about the change, they visited the new site daily. They also got excited about the move once they began helping pack up their favourite items and take them over to the new centre. This activity helped them build positive sentiment around the site and see it come together.

The clients also got involved in making decorations for the new site to give it a personal touch.

“In our arts and crafts program, everyone was excited to make sensory boards for the new sensory room. I am so proud of the staff and clients because the boards are magnificent pieces of art,” continued Peita.

The sensory room is just one of the new site’s fantastic features. It also boasts an open plan kitchen and dining room, arts and crafts/lifestyle room, a cosy book nook, and it has also been decked out with the famous Afford rainbow lounge.

The clients had their first day in the new centre on July 5th and they got straight into celebrating by doing some arts and crafts for NAIDOC week.

“We pride ourselves on our sense of inclusion and diversity and giving our centre a feeling of home and family. As we end one journey at Green Valley, we are excited to begin a new one at Bonnyrigg and want to thank everyone who was involved in the transition,” said Peita.

If you are ready to start achieving your goals with a supportive sense of family around you, then Afford’s Community Centres are for you.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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