Ian’s lifestyle assistants describe him as a caring, friendly and polite young man who has come a long way over the past year. Being named South Australia’s Client of the Year at the end of 2021 was a fantastic experience for Ian and brought joy to his family.

With Afford Community Centres, you will always have support by your side to develop your life skills and discover independence.

“One of Ian’s greatest achievements has been learning to use his iPad to talk. When he started with us, he couldn’t use it but now he uses it all the time,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Isaac (Zac) Daniel.

When Zac started working at Holden Hill Community Centre in September 2021, it was his first experience in the disability industry. After meeting Ian, Zac knew this was the job for him.

The two quickly built a close bond by exploring Ian’s favourite activities. From painting at the centre to bowling and seeing car and motorbike shows, Zac and Ian have done it all.

“I like to think outside the box for Ian. He is such a nice client who enjoys having fun and spending time around others,” continued Zac.

It was an excellent surprise for Ian and his family when he received the Client of the Year Award at the South Australia Christmas party. COVID-19 created many challenges in 2021 but it never stopped Ian from achieving his goals.

His mum shared some positive feedback with Team Leader, Arinze Ezeobi, about their experience with Afford.

She wrote, “after a really bad year for Ian emotionally, being with Afford has been a Godsend. He has bonded with these amazing people who have given us the best support possible and truly understand autism. His best mate and Lifestyle Assistant, Zac, is a legend. Thank you, Zac and Afford.”

Ian is now further developing his social skills by participating in group activities at Holden Hill Community Centre and attending Club Afford. We look forward to supporting Ian in this next chapter.

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