As a client-centered service organisation, we know how important it is to have the right people in place in our teams, especially those that shape the experiences we offer our clients and their families. That’s why Afford chose Florence Lau as our Consumer Experience Lead.

Florence’s role is a new one at Afford. Its overarching goal is making sure we deliver a quality service that meets, or exceeds, client expectations.

“I’m here to advise on and lead best practice in client experience, based on consumer insights and engagement. I’m here to empower the voices of our clients and families at all levels of our organisation and services programs, bringing the consumer experience and perspective to decision-making.”

Florence says deep understanding is key to a more tailored, person-centred, and inclusive client experience.

“We’re looking at client feedback at a high level but also focusing on how we can tailor our service to different clients’ needs. For example, for our clients with complex needs, how can we make our service more focused on their goals, needs and interests?”

Before joining Afford, Florence’s career experience was an even split of large corporations and not-for-profit organisations. But her experience of connecting with people with disability goes right back to her childhood in Hong Kong.

“My mother was a teacher who spent most of her career teaching children with disability. When I was six, I started volunteering to help her. I learned how to communicate with people with different kinds of disability. I enjoy patiently listening to people to understand what they do or don’t like.”

This story is from the January 2023 edition of Afford News. Click here to read more.


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