On any given afternoon you will hear laughter from the garage of an Afford Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in Glen Alpine, NSW. It’s usually followed by cries of “go, go, go” as the residents of the house motivate each other to work out in the gym they created.

Amanda, Bianca and Joanne have been living together for the past five years and in the last few months they have really bonded over their goal of getting fit.

“We’re trying to lose weight and it’s pretty much for our health so yeah, it feels good,” said Bianca, who can usually be seen to lead the charge when it comes to encouraging her housemates.

“I usually bring out my speaker and sit on the ground and play work out music. So you’re helping the other person, I push them because I push myself. I burn like 100 calories on this treadmill.”

The fitness trio take pride in their home gym and enjoy using the equipment they’ve sourced with staff.

“I like the bike,” said Joanne.

“I like the punching ball and the step thing. I use the exercise ball too and I’ve noticed that I’m stretching more with the ball and I’m getting more confidence. We have fun and we get fit,” said Amanda.

It’s a journey for the housemates who are seeing improvements in each other. Fitness influencers move over! Because these three are unstoppable.

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“We have fun and we get fit.”

This story is from the March 2023 edition of Afford News. Click here to read more.

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