The Ipswich Lifestyle Centre customers recently got close and personal with some new furry friends at the Summerland Camel Farm. It was a perfect Spring day and everyone enjoyed feeding and interacting with these gentle giants.

Afford Lifestyle Centres take every opportunity to give our customers new and unique experiences that encourage them to learn and grow.

“The customers all felt very proud of themselves for feeding the camels as they are such large animals. At first, they seem big and scary but they are gentle, which is perfect for our customers,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Kayla Martin.

The Summerland Camel Farm is an excellent opportunity for animal therapy as camels often have a calming effect on humans. Interacting with animals also helps customers build confidence, communication, trust and perspective.

“Many customers were asking if there were tours or more ways they could get involved with the camels. We’re looking into it because they enjoy these sessions so much,” continued Kayla.

The site is also a popular activity for Ipswich because of its accessibility for those using wheelchairs or walkers. In addition, the onsite café is perfect for practising money handling skills, communication and encouraging customers to break out of their normal food routines.

“We always encourage the customers to visit the café because they serve an interesting range of food and drinks. For example, they use camel milk in their ice-creams, coffee and cakes and you can even have camel burgers for lunch. It is a great way to encourage our selective eaters to try new foods and the customers always have a good laugh about it,” said Kayla.

Before heading home, everyone enjoyed some camel milk ice cream and absorbed the spectacular view of the farmlands. They are already looking forward to their next visit.

With Afford Lifestyle Centre, you will always have new and exciting experiences and create lifelong memories along the way.

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