Jordan receives one-to-one support from Afford’s Caboolture Community Centre to refine his  photographic skills. After excelling at capturing landscapes, his lifestyle assistant and photography mentor challenged him with some motorsport photography. Taking and editing photos has helped Jordan bring his confidence into focus and look at life from a new angle.

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“I have been doing Thursday photography sessions with Jordan for about a year and a half and he enjoys it. I have been a professional photographer for the past 10 years so I love getting to combine my two passions,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Murray Eales.

Jordan was already exploring his creativity through the lens before Murray started working with him however heir shared appreciation for the medium enabled them to quickly bond.

“I teach him all of my techniques and if there is anything I don’t know, we research it together. For example, Jordan wanted to try some night shots with sparklers so I helped him look it up and accompanied him to purchase the necessary equipment,” continued Murray.

Jordan has also been exploring his post-shoot editing skills on the computer. While it takes a bit of encouragement for him to get in the mood to edit, once he starts, he enjoys stretching his creativity. He then uploads his creations to Instagram.

“His photography has been a great outlet for him. Jordan has improved in so many areas of life since I first met him. He is much more confident, happy and stands up for himself a lot more now,” said Murray.

When he is not taking or editing photos, Jordan is working towards overcoming his anxiety and living independently.

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