Afford has implemented daily Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) at our sites in all states as part of our commitment to keeping staff and clients safe. The RAT kits are used each morning to ensure that before entering the site, everyone is negative for COVID-19.

Afford implemented this safety protocol to align with the current advice from the Australian Government’s Department of Health and the Public Health (COVID-19 General) Order 2021.

Even as the Omicron variant swept the nation and RAT kits became almost impossible to acquire, Afford sourced and paid for kits across all our national sites to ensure we could operate safely.

Throughout Australia, all sites have seamlessly added RAT to their daily routine. Jamisontown Community Centre Team Leader, Leonie Pearson, shares her experience and how the site embraced these changes.

“It has been great that Afford has supplied us with the RAT kits. They do the bulk ordering for us and we pick them up from the factory, which has made it a smooth process,” said Leonie.

The outdoor undercover area at Jamisontown has become the team’s assigned testing space. Each morning the clients demonstrate patience and understanding while having their test and waiting for the result. Those who receive transport to the centre are tested before boarding the van.

“At the moment, all our staff and clients have had negative readings so we have not needed to send anyone home,” continued Leonie.

Afford believes our sites must stay diligent with all safety processes as case numbers continue to rise and fall. Our teams focus is ensuring that everyone’s wellbeing is prioritised at all community centres.

“We are also keeping up with our other COVID-19 protocols which include temperature checking three times per day, consistent hand sanitising, staff masking up each day and keeping masks on the clients while also practising social distancing,” said Leonie.

She added, “Afford has been great at keeping us up to date with information and communicating any changes.”

We want to thank our staff, clients and families across Australia for their support throughout this time. Your dedication and consideration ensure we can continue providing our supports and services.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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