Kyanna’s life was changed forever when she was in a car accident that left her with a permanent brain injury. With strength and determination in her heart, Kyanna has achieved many goals and become an advocate for herself and others with disability. Every Wednesday, she attends Afford’s Southport Lifestyle Centre, where everyone looks forward to her positivity and bright personality.

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“Around five years ago, Kyanna and her best friend were in a car accident. Her best friend lost her life and Kyanna was in a coma for six months. Since then, she has regained a lot of her strength and achieved many goals,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Sophie Loving.

From re-learning tasks like ordering meals and bowling to volunteering at Lifeline, Kyanna has a very positive outlook on life.

“She likes to talk about her accident and share how far she has come. Seeing Kyanna bowl without using the assistive ramp was a fantastic achievement. Her occupational therapist suggested it because she knew we went bowling once a week. We made it one of our goals and after a few months, she was like a pro,” continued Sophie.

The weekly sessions have also been fantastic for Kyanna’s social life and she met her boyfriend, Brad, at bowling. Their lifestyle assistants helped them write letters to one another and since getting to know each other, they now have regular Friday date nights.

“Kyanna is always pushing her boundaries to achieve what she sets her sights on and she doesn’t let anything stop her. She is so strong,” said Sophie.

We can’t wait to see what Kyanna achieves next in her journey.

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