For Lurnea Community Centre, Sydney’s current COVID-19 lockdown provided the ultimate opportunity for the team to give the site a well-deserved makeover. Staff and clients used their artistic flair and creative DIY skills to revamp the site. They also created fun memories that will make them smile every time they walk through the front door.

Even during lockdown’s, Afford Community Centres will give clients safe opportunities to get involved in fun activities to explore their passions and build lifelong friendships.

“Our centre needed a refresh and lots of attention, so we thought what better time than now,” said Team Leader, Teresa Pisani.

The stand out addition to the site is the big ‘believe’ wall which Lifestyle Assistant, Caterina Raco, designed. The wall was brought to life with a rainbow of colours and has become a centrepiece of the site.

“Cathie is very talented with so many great ideas for the site. All of the clients loved getting involved and helping Cathie with the painting,” continued Teresa.

The sign-in area was also refreshed, going from a blue wall with green Afford letters to a new pink wall with sparkling silver Afford letters. The team also added a personal touch by creating a staff wall of fame on the opposite side.

The makeover didn’t stop there. The team also gave the garden a refresh and planted some new cacti to bring in some greenery.

“Our client Andrea particularly loves getting involved with renovations. He brought in his toolbox and drill, painted, and worked on the garden. He was a great sport,” said Teresa.

Afford is committed to providing safe and quality experiences to our clients at sites that reflect the passions and beliefs of our company.

Learn more about our Community Centres and how you can start making the most of life and achieve new goals, even during challenging times.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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