As group services at Lifestyle Centre’s across NSW return, the Guildford site surprised their customers with a brand-new music room, thanks to a generous bequest. The site is excited to showcase all their new equipment, from Turramurra Music Centre and there is something for everyone. Whether customers want to show off their fancy finger work on the piano or shake the tambourine, we encourage everyone to dance to the beat of their own drum.

At Afford Lifestyle Centres, we always support our customers to express their passions, creativity and emotions in safe and supportive environments.

“These additions to our music program have made our customers happy. Everyone has been engaging in the program. It leaves a lasting positive effect for the rest of the day,” said Team Leader, Amber Stewart.

Music therapy has been shown to improve memory and self-esteem while reducing stress and anxiety. Particularly during the lockdown, when NSW lifestyle centres could only offer 1:1 support due to government restrictions, the music room was fantastic for our customers.

“Thanks to the generous bequest, we were able to receive an electric drum set, piano, amps, bass guitar, tambourines, bongos and shakers,” continued Amber.

With more and more customers returning to Guildford, our solo stars have been sharing the spotlight with their friends and getting into a new groove.

“It will be great to continue enhancing the lives of our customers by teaching new skills through music,” said Amber.

We can’t wait to see more creativity flow out of Guildford and hear the musical masterpieces they create.

Afford is thankful to the selfless individuals in our community who leave bequests to Afford. Their support allows our customers to continue having the best experiences on-site and live their dreams.

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