Natalie from Jamisontown Community Centre, had big goals for 2021. She wanted to express herself and find her light through drama, music and dancing. These creative outlets have built up her self-confidence and her talents have shined even brighter than she ever imagined.

Afford Community Centres provide you with opportunities to discover what brings you happiness in life and further develop your passions, like Natalie.

Natalie is a one-to-one client who typically attends Jamisontown Community Centre once a week but receives support to attend her drama classes at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre.

“She initially required support and encouragement to participate in group activities during drama class but she quickly warmed up to the group. She confidently engages with everyone and I can now support her while standing off to the side. She has learnt that everyone has an individual ability they can share with others,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Alexandra Herman.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, drama classes were unable to go ahead and Alexandra was worried that this would be a setback to all of the progress made. In true superstar fashion, though, Natalie took this as an opportunity to practice her skills in new ways.

“We would drop in on the Jamisontown Community Centre clients and join them for craft, singing, dancing and other activities. It was great to see her interact with my regular clients, even to perform a song or two before going for a drive. Driving while listening to music is one of her favourite activities,” continued Alexandra.

Today, Natalie is as vibrant as ever and has genuinely made astronomical progress towards her goals. She is now a proud extrovert who is looking forward to returning to drama class in the new year.

“I have been working with Natalie for over three years and she is a sweet and gentle young lady with a fantastic sense of humour. Seeing Natalie happy and achieving her goals makes me happy,” said Alexandra.

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