Jamie recently had an adventurous stay at his home away from home, the Banksia Beach Respite. The short-term accommodation in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland, opened in early May and is surrounded by an abundance of activities to explore during your stay.

Afford’s respite services are comfortable and fun environments where your loved one is welcome to stay for a weekend or a few weeks whenever they or carers need a well-earned break.

A significant highlight of Jamie’s stay was visiting Gardner Falls and going for a tranquil walk along the bush track. He also visited the Redcliffe waterfront, where he shared lunch on the pier with his lifestyle assistant and saw the local shops and waterfall.

“At Gardner Falls, Jamie enjoyed the scenic view and small bush track to get there. He had a great time and told staff he would love to come back again soon. Walking along the pier was also a great day out,” said Team Leader, Donna Teichmann.

At Afford respites, no two days are the same, so staff also decided to take Jamie out to the local bowling alley. It’s a great activity do to in your spare time and was right up Jamie’s alley. Like a true pro, Jamie got to show off his skills by winning both rounds and bowled multiple strikes.

Banksia Beach respite has many stand-out features with clients such as Jamie, just as excited to head back to the home after their day out for a fun night.

“We have fun features such as a large media room and an inground pool as well as practical renovations such as a wet room for our clients in wheelchairs. Our team are warm, friendly and keen to assist all clients so they can have a great time away from home,” said Donna.

On one of his nights, Jamie relaxed with a movie and some delicious homemade tacos. There is no better way to spend a relaxing night than enjoying a great meal and a movie.

Afford Respites provide a fun, relaxed experience for our clients staying in our homes, giving carers downtime for some self-care.


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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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