Meet Samantha, a remarkable woman on a journey towards independence. After many years of dealing with the isolating effects of depression, anxiety, and ADHD, Samantha reached out for help. For the past two years, she has been receiving Assistance with Daily Life (ADL) supports from Afford, and says the impact on her health and wellbeing has been “100% life-changing.”

Caring support workers with ADL

Living with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and a learning disability led Samantha to completely withdraw from social activities, confining herself to her home. With ADL, Samantha now benefits from experienced and caring one-on-one support workers who understand her needs.

“I struggle with it every day, so I have support workers three days a week,” says Samantha. “They are fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Without this support, Samantha believes she would still be “homebound,” but instead, she is now living a more fulfilling life.

ADL at home and in the community

In Samantha’s day-to-day life, ADL gives her the opportunity to live more independently both at home and in her community.

“My support worker comes to my house… They help me with things like cooking and cleaning, but most of the time, we go out into the community.”

Community activities, such as getting her nails done, going to the movies, staying fit, and going to the gym, are important to Samantha. Her support workers have a crucial role to play. “They help me stay motivated.”

ADL support to achieve goals

Thanks to ADL supports, Samantha has made significant improvements to her health and wellbeing, after spending so much of her time isolated at home.

“One of my biggest goals was to lose weight and get healthy. I weighed 137 kilos, and now I’m down to 80. That’s all thanks to the supports… it was absolutely life-changing.”

As she continues to thrive, Samantha is also working towards greater independence and considering the possibility of moving into her own home!

Moving forward in life with ADL

For Samantha, ADL means having the support she needs to keep moving forward, especially when life gets stressful.

“If I’m feeling down one morning… they try to lighten the mood, joke with me, and make me feel comfortable. Like I said, I was just homebound. Having the opportunity to go out and having the supports to help me… it’s been 100% life-changing.”


Explore ADL with Afford

Afford is one of Australia’s most experienced disability service providers offering Assistance with Daily Life (ADL) supports for your everyday tasks and personal care, which can be funded through the NDIS, self-funded, or fee-for-service. An Afford disability support worker can provide one-on-one ADL in the way that suits you best. This could be in your own home, in the community, or in a Supported Independent Living (SIL) house. We make sure your experience with Afford is a good one, by working closely with you and your family or support people to understand your needs and assisted living goals.

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