Running a business takes confidence, leadership and a willingness to give everything a red hot go!

These are just some of the qualities nurtured through Afford’s SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) program. A recent start-up business challenge proved that our SLES trainees have exactly what it takes to achieve their work goals.

SLES Penrith and Mt Druitt trainees came together for an entrepreneur’s day to explore their interests and learn more about running a business.

The day gave trainees the chance to learn about working across many industries and following their passions for successful work life.

At the beginning of the day, trainees were eager and ready to get to work. They developed specific business plans, organised advertising, business cards and stock for their businesses.

From travel agents through to bespoke designer jewellery stores, every trainee had a sensational business idea. Supported by their trainers, trainees learnt about the steps they needed to follow to set up their businesses.

With their fellow trainees as their customers, trainees had to ‘sell’ their ideas – and their products and services. They used their knowledge and skills to present a professional image.

Penrith trainees, Brody and Chloe, teamed up to create a relaxation centre called Chloe and Glow Body Salon. They enjoyed setting up their business so much it lit a spark within them to research courses available at TAFE to study hairdressing and massage.

Both Chole and Brody are looking forward to enrolling into TAFE to study sometime this year.

Brody commented: “I believe that setting up and running your own business takes dedication and hard work and that is why I was so great today!”

The pop-up businesses highlighted that our trainees have personality, many skills, passion and amazing talents.

Get started on a supportive path with SLES to work towards – and achieve – your employment aspirations.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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