Meet Linda Romig, an Afford supported employee who recently graduated with a vocational pathways qualification that focuses on improving key skills like reading, writing, speaking, and basic math.

Linda graduated with a Certificate 1 qualification in Access to Vocational Pathways, and this is her first formal qualification.

A new way of learning

“When I got asked to take the course, I thought I would give it a try. I’ve never passed anything to receive a certificate before,” Linda said. “I was proud I was able to get through and complete the whole course, and get my certificate.”

Delivered by BSI Learning Institute, the Access to Vocational Pathways course focuses on improving key skills like reading, writing, speaking, and basic math, mainly following the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Level 1. It also teaches students basic computer skills and how to be more employable. The lessons are taught in a practical way to make them easy to understand and access.

“I did have times where the teacher put the book in front of me and I took one look and thought, what am I doing here? Didn’t have a clue! But it got easier each time, with the teacher explaining it to me,” Linda said. “The games we played before we sat down, they were good. And the maths was pretty easy. That’s because I’m too good at certain maths.”

Celebrating a graduation

Linda was presented with her Certificate 1 qualification at a graduation ceremony held at the Frankston Arts Centre. The event was attended by graduates’ families and friends, and representatives from Afford and BSI Learning Institute.

Linda said the highlight was the certificate presentation, but she also enjoyed the other traditional parts of the celebration.

“We had a great graduation. We didn’t know we would have to wear the gowns and the hats. And you’ve got to throw your hat in the air! It was fun to go in the photo booth where we put on little fluffy bunny heads and glasses. But receiving the certificate was the best part of the graduation.”

The successful completion of the Certificate 1 in Access to Vocational Pathways marks a significant step forward for this supported employee group, opening doors to new opportunities and brighter futures.

For Linda, that means continuing to thrive in her chosen career as Process Worker with Afford. “I’m happy with my job here. I’ll be in this factory until I retire,” Linda said. “Well, I don’t even know when I am retiring. I haven’t thought of that question yet!”

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