Thanks to funding secured in 2019 through the ANZAC Community Grant Program by NSW Government’s Veterans Affairs, our NSW SLES trainees had a heartfelt experience at the Hyde Park ANZAC War Memorial.

The day was an interactive opportunity for trainees to improve their understanding of Australian history and the ANZAC sacrifice.

“As an ex-serviceman, I was proud of the respect shown by all the trainees on the day and found it heart-warming to see their interest in such a program,” said SLES Trainer Frank Cucek.

The highlight of the day was the interactive performance inspired by the book ‘Loyal Creatures,’ by Morris Gleitzman. With an Australian twist, the play detailed a fictional story inspired by the experiences of Australian Light Horse regiment, during the Middle Eastern campaign of World War I.

The trainees were captivated by the great performance and were encouraged to take part by making sound effects using their feet, hands and whistling for the various events in the story,” continued Frank.

Re-enacting their favourite scene from the play in small groups was another memorable experience from the day. They also toured the memorial exhibits where they could absorb the importance and history in each room.

Trainee Jarrod told SLES Coordinator and Trainer, Tayla Clark, It was really cool seeing all the objects from the war and visiting the museum.”

“This experience really moved our SLES trainees. It was so inspiring to see our trainees’ compassion and understanding as they learned the stories and history of the ANZAC’s. They showed a deep appreciation for the sacrifices of the fallen and respect for the legacy of the war memorial itself,”  continued Tayla.

Afford is thankful for grants such as the ANZAC Community Grant Program by NSW Government’s Veterans Affairs  that enable our SLES trainees to have these memorable and informative experiences.

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