Our Ipswich Lifestyle Centre customers enjoy the gift of giving every month, when they participate in Meals on Wheels. Delivering hot dinners to the elderly in their community is a fantastic way to build teamwork skills, increase confidence and learn the power of compassion.

Afford Lifestyle Centres customers are encouraged to learn more about the world around them and partake in meaningful and enjoyable community programs.

“It’s such a great activity. The customers have created this great atmosphere of teamwork and customers who don’t normally participate in group activities have been getting involved seeing the excitement from peers. They like being able to help others and enjoy knowing they are making a difference,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Kayla Martin.

Once a month, the ever-growing team head to their local community centre, where they pick up their fruit baskets and insulated bags of hot food, drinks and dessert. Then, they load the van, select a customer leader and they are off. They visit between seven to ten houses, with the trip taking approximately an hour and a half.

“We step back a bit and ask the customers who would like to be in charge of the clipboard. The leader is in charge of ticking off the addresses and checking the food items so it’s a great exercise in leadership and teamwork,” continued Kayla.

The other customers are the runners who carry the food up the front door. They use their manners and communication skills while also building their confidence in interacting with new people of all age groups.

“The oldie’s love getting a visit from our guys. The smiles on their faces say it all and they enjoy having a quick chat with the customers,” said Kayla.

The day also encourages problem-solving and cooperation. Some homes may have stairs, steep driveways or other barriers that prevent some customers from making the deliveries. The customers work together and take turns to ensure that all abilities can participate in the day.

Kayla added, “I’d love to shout out our customer Nathanial. He had only just re-joined the Meals on Wheels group, but he volunteered to be the leader last week. He was so confident. Everyone was listening to him and respecting him. When you see the customers volunteer to be the leader, it makes you so proud.” 

Afford Lifestyle Centres encourage you to try new experiences and step out of your comfort zone to become the best version of yourself.

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