With a smile on her face and determination in her heart, Christina from Cherrywood Community Centre has been up and walking. This has been a massive breakthrough for Christina, who experiences stiffness in her joints and uses a wheelchair. Since returning to Cherrywood and with the support of her lifestyle assistants, she has taken many short scenic strolls without her wheelchair or safety helmet.

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“It makes me so happy to see Christina walking without her helmet as it is her main goal. Before the lockdown, she was not even able to stand without it. We treat our clients like our family so when we see them achieving their goals, it is amazing,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Mimi Ocampo.

On her first day back after lockdown, Christina and the Cherrywood crew headed to the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden to celebrate the easing of travel restrictions.

“We have always found that having a nice view encourages Christina to walk. She likes to get close to the flowers and enjoyed looking at the waterfall at the Botanic Gardens,” continued Mimi.

Accessing the community was another goal that Christina’s family were excited for her to work on during her time at the community centre.

“Her mum loves to see photos of her going outside and having fun. She has given us a lot of great feedback,” said Mimi.

Christina also enjoys relaxing with the many sensory items at Cherrywood. She is pleased to be back at the community centre and we can’t wait to see her achieving more of her goals.

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