Throwing snowballs and tasting snowflakes were on Kristy and Mathew’s to-do list when they visited Katoomba to see snow for the first time.

Rain, hail or snow, Afford will always provide unique experiences for our lifestyle centre customers to take full advantage of the amazing locations hidden in our backyard.

Driving up from Blacktown Lifestyle Centre, the car ride was full of excitement and intrigue about how deep the snow would be and if they would be able to make a snowman.

“When we arrived at a park in Katoomba, it actually started snowing, so we stayed there. Kristy was smiling so much as she had never seen snow,” said Lifestyle Assistant Sam Park.

Kristy had suggested the day trip to her team leader when she heard that it would be snowing relatively close to their lifestyle centre. She was keen to brave the first snow of the season and explore the winter wonderland.

“It is so important for customers to do things that they have never done before and try new things, so I was proud of both Kristy and Mathew for the day,” continued Sam.

Sam has been assisting the Blacktown Lifestyle Centre for just over a year and a half and still finds that the most rewarding part of his day is seeing his customers happy.

They stopped for a late lunch on the way home and enjoyed trading the cold for some hot food and drinks while reflecting on the events of the day.

Kristy was thrilled with her visit to the winter wonderland and told Sam that she would love to come back to the snow if it happens again.

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