Afford’s clients and residents enjoyed a day out at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre to see the Mamma Mia Musical. With everyone crying out to ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ an encore, they had a super trouper time bopping to the rhythm and feeling like the dancing queens. The event was made possible thanks to the NSW Government’s Department of Communities and Justice, Reducing Social Isolation for Seniors Grant Program.

Afford’s supports and services are dedicated to providing residents and clients of all ages with unique and exciting opportunities to engage with local communities.

“I took Douglas and Daryl from Dolphin Cove Supported Accommodation and they just loved it. They were laughing, dancing and clapping the whole way through and it was great for them to see life getting back to normal after so many COVID-19 restrictions,” said Team Leader, Breanna Fodor.

Douglas is currently studying performing arts and musical theatre on Fridays. Watching a professional musical was an excellent way to visualise how his performances could look. Daryl was over the moon to have a reason to wear his collared shirt and favourite suspenders.

“This event was so good for both of them! It is important socially and mentally for Douglas and Daryl to have these fun experiences and see the world around them,” continued Breanna.

Over a delicious dinner after the musical, both men told Breanna how thankful they were for the experience.

Our other Glenmore Park and Mt Druitt Supported Accommodation residents also had a fantastic time and don’t worry, everyone’s mother knew they were out.

“Fiona, Trevor and Jackie sang along to the songs as they knew of the musical and had watched the movies. Trevor and Jackie moved to the beat of the music and laughed at the jokes. During the quiet parts, I would explain the scenes to Fiona so she could get a visual of her surroundings and the vibe of the theatre,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Orion Hinton.

Afford is grateful to the NSW Government and the Department of Communities and Justice for the opportunity to take our seniors out for a memorable day.

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