Thanks to the ANZAC Day Commemoration Fund from the South Australian Government, Defence SA and Veterans SA, our customers in South Australia had a moving and heartfelt experience at the Army Museum of South Australia.

The day was a fantastic opportunity for our customers to learn more about Australian history and keep the memory of our ANZACs alive.

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“Customers from the Holden Hill and Morphett Vale Lifestyle Centres visited the Army Museum to commemorate ANZAC day,” said Team Leader, Arinze Ezeobi.

Located at the historic Keswick Barracks, the museum aims to preserve and promote military heritage whilst recognising the contributions of the Australian Defence Force in war and peace.

“At the museum, participants were shown the different ammunition used by the Australian army during the war. The day was very educational and they learnt a lot about the importance of the military and ANZAC day,” continued Arinze.

Everyone received a ‘lest we forget’ shirt and an ANZAC day lantern. The customers enjoyed exploring the various exhibitions covering WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Boer War.

“The participants enjoyed every minute at the museum and interacted with the military officers on duty,” said Arinze.

They ended the educational day out with a barbecue lunch at the hub. The customers shared their thoughts and used this time to reflect on the experience.

Afford is thankful to the South Australian Government, Defence SA and Veterans SA for grant funding opportunities that enable our customers to have these memorable and informative experiences.

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