Afford’s Ashfield Community Centre has recently installed a swinging leaf chair in their sensory room. The upgrade is thanks to a generous donation from the family of past resident Dominic Triculcio, who sadly passed away in September 2017.

The money was raised from Dominic’s funeral and donated to the site by his family. They knew how much he cherished his time at Ashfield and they wanted his memory to live on there.

“We are so thankful to Dominic’s family. We only had one bed in the sensory room for so long, but now that we have two, more of our clients can utilise the space to relax and find peace,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Emily Cacharron.

The team chose a Wilkins International swinging leaf chair because of its specially designed shape that cradles the body.

The chair’s shape relieves muscle pressure and promotes blood flow whilst the swinging sensation stimulates the cerebral cortex, increasing concentration.

“Everyone is thrilled with the choice and we were lucky that Wilkins International even adjusted the price so that we were able to afford this,” continued Emily.

The sensory room has become a safe space for many clients to use how they see fit. Some enjoy accessing the sensory room in the morning to prepare themselves for the upcoming activities, while others use it to unwind at the end of the day.

“We also have some clients access the sensory room throughout the day for quiet time if they feel overwhelmed, and when it is not being used for that, some clients use it as a playroom. They can play on the piano, tactile boards, listen to music or play with the sensory lights. There are so many options,” said Emily.

Afford is grateful to the many individuals and organisations who have donated funds to ensure our services have the best equipment to offer our clients.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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