Travel training is an important skill for individuals of all abilities. Afford Lifestyle Assistants support clients to learn about transport options and involve clients in outings that support real-life travel knowledge and use.

For our clients in wheelchairs, learning the cues and accessibility options on public transport helps develop confidence in travelling around their community and enjoying all the things they love in life.

Carlo attends our Miami Hub in Queensland. Staff support Carlo to get out and about in the community and take on new life experiences. Most recently, Carlo joined staff and others from Miami Hub to catch the ferry to enjoy the Gold Coast waterways.

Carlo, along with other clients, was assisted to board the Hopo Ferry via the ramp. Everyone liaised with boat staff to pay their fare and then moved into the ferry cabin to find a good spot for sightseeing.

The captain of the ferry was friendly and helpful in supporting the needs of Carlo and his wheelchair. The captain even allowed our clients to sit at the helm of the vessel.

For Carlo, being out in the sunshine, among friends and with the wind in his hair was a wonderful experience. The ferry was accessible for people of all abilities and ensured a comfortable and inclusive experience for all.

Find out more about how Afford can support you to develop your travel skills and get involved in activities you love.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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