Canley Vale and Guildford Afford Lifestyle Centre customers recently used their artistic skills to share important conversations around culture and disability. This was made possible thanks to funding from Multicultural NSW’s Let’s Talk Project – Supporting our people from diverse cultures with disabilities. As part of this project, Afford invited local artist Diamando Koutsellis to host her much-loved unique ceramic workshops at the sites.

At Afford Lifestyle Centres, we offer a range of inclusive and welcoming activities for customers of all ethnicities and skill levels.

“The customers have learnt great new skills about how to engage with an art therapist and new ways to create artworks. They have learnt different avenues of arts and crafts that have helped with sensory needs as well,” said Acting District Manager for Central East, SA and WA Lifestyle Centres, Stephanie Calaizis.

Canley Vale is part of the Fairfield LGA, where 53.9% were born overseas. Our Guildford customers fall under the Cumberland LGA, where 65.6% of people speak a language other than English at home. Art is able to provide a universal connection between customers from all walks of life and has brought them a light in these challenging times.

“We have had great feedback from parents. They have been very grateful that Afford was able to support the customers at no extra cost to them, especially in the middle of a pandemic,” continued Stephanie.

The creative arts program at both sites has celebrated our cultural diversity, encouraged English language skills and explored the sensory benefits of art. Experimenting with mixed mediums, including clay and paint, has helped customers embrace their creative thinking and try new things.

“Our new customer Jamie has enjoyed the program and made beautiful art,” said Stephanie.

Thank you, Diamando, for working with our communities to bring out the creativity in our customers.

Afford would like to acknowledge Multicultural NSW as supporters of the arts program at Canley Vale and Guildford Lifestyle Centre.

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